Shark Governance Research

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The research presented here is conducted at the University of Plymouth under the official title “Assessing countries’ background, set-up, role and approach to shark conservation”. The term ‘shark’ in this context refers to all elasmobranchs (shark, skates ,rays, sawfishes). With more than a thousand species, this group presents a great variety of organisms.

The aim of this research project is to understand how far different countries have come in shark governance. Shark governance in this regard means the sustainable management of shark fisheries, whether target or bycatch fishing, and conservation efforts implemented.

This shall identify working concepts and approaches, as well as existing gaps and limitations. 

As limited as a three year research project is, the assessment will be to a limited number of countries. However, the intention is to continue the research after the completion of the PhD, and develop better policies, allocate resources more effectively, and help countries with limited capacities and high responsibility.

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